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Sage's Otherworldly Luncheonette

Sage’s Otherworldly Luncheonette: Breakfast Blues, c. June, 2014.

Self-Portrait, c. December, 2013.
"It’s been nearly 2 years since I started this blog, and opened up the Otherworldly Luncheonette. Since then, it’s taken shape, and practically has a mind of its own. I am thankful for all of my followers, and I am grateful for having Tumblr to turn to at the end of the day, seeing as it has gotten me through a lot of deep, dark times. What might seem like an ordinary blog to some is actually a relevant medium for a depressive, queer soul like me. Woe to the past, and cheers to the future, my friends. Perhaps one day I’ll convey my emotions via text, but I don’t want to compromise the pretentious quality of my blog. You understand. With that being said, I bid thee adieu. Hasta pasta & clam ciao-der!" - xoxo, Sage

Self-Portrait, c. February, 2013.

Sage, “Hamburger Patty: Voodoo Priestess”, 2012.


Happy holidays, dearest followers and extended family.

Sage, “Wrapping Paper”, 2011.

Sage Von Kaffeklubben, “Hamburger Patty”, 2012. Sculpted in 2011, and photographed & designed July 28, 2012. This was actually a bust of a woman with a hamburger head. Sadly, her titties fell off in the kiln. So only her backside is exposed, albeit the third picture. I’m thinking of finding her boobies and a pink ribbon and putting them all together, to spread awareness for breast cancer. “Hamburger Patty” is based on one of my drawings.


Sage Von Kaffeklubben, “Eggs: A New Fragrance by Patchouli Soup”, 2008. Taken with a 35mm B&W.

Venice Beach Freakshow on the boardwalk at Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California.

A mannequin in front of a shop in Gingerbread Court, in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California.


"Violent Fan Palms", taken with the Nikon D80. Or something. (C) 2009 PatchouliSoup


"Rêves Jaunes". (C) 2009 PatchouliSoup.


Photography by Sage Von Kaffeklubben.


"Les Papillons Sont Libres", a collage made using Adobe PhotoShop, based around my Mommie Dearest. Co-starring drawings of Ella Fitzgerald’s dress and Doris Day’s uneven boobies, as well as milkshakes brought to you by Tom Wesselmann. (C) 2011 Patchouli Soup

"Lady Lunchbox", a collage/drawing made with Adobe ImageReady and a ballpoint pen. (C) 2011 Patchouli Soup


C’est moi!