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Sage's Otherworldly Luncheonette

Andy Warhol in Gristedes, New York City, photographed by Bob Adelman, c. 1965.

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Diane Arbus, Sword Swallower, Maryland, c. 1970.

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Mark Ryden, Meat Dancer, c. 2011.

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Artist Jasper Johns in 1955, standing beside his mixed-media painting, Target.

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Doll head planters at Salvageworks, created by Tim Brock.

Johanna Öst, Strongwoman, c. 2009.

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John Isaacs, Everyone’s Talking About Jesus, c. 2005.

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Sage’s Otherworldly Luncheonette: Breakfast Blues, c. June, 2014.

Sonja Brass, Quiet Of Dissolution, Tornado, c. 2005.

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Jules Seeberger, Fairground, Paris, c. 1900.

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Portrait of Ana Mendoza de la Cerda, Princess of Eboli, c. 1575.

Married when she was twelve years old, lost an eye in a duel, was one of the most celebrated beauties of her time and died in prison.

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Leigh Bowery, c. 1988.

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Alessandro Bavari, Birsa Symposium, from the ‘Sodom and Gomorrah' series, c. 2000.

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Annette Thas, Giant Barbie Wave (Wave #1), a monumental sculpture installation built from over 3,000 dolls, constructed on the sands of Cottesloe Beach in Perth, Western Australia, c. 2014.

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