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Ekaterina Koroleva, ‘Spanish Girl’, c. 2013.
Jules Erbit, ‘Twinkle Toes’, c. 1940’s.
A tornado roping out in Regan, North Dakota, c. 2011. Photography by Mitch Dobrowner.
Ashkan Honarvar from the Meat Project, c. 2008.
Paul Poiret, Fancy Dress Costume, c. 1911.
Colette Calascione, Two-Faced Portrait, c. 1996.

Colette Calascione, Two-Faced Portrait, c. 1996.

(Source: marcedith, via joansuffrajett)

Art by Craig Larotunda.
Ettore Sottsass, mirror Ultrafragola, c. 1970.
René Magritte, Homage to Alphonse Allais, c. 1962.
Pablo Picasso, The Weeping Woman’, c. 1937.
Art by Ryan Heshka.
Weegee (Arthur Fellig), “Boy meets girl – from Outer Space”, New York, c. 1955.
Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun, Lady Hamilton as Ariadne. c. 1790.
David Wojnarowicz, Untitled (Face in Dirt), c. 1990.
Meghan Petras, In the form of the sun,  c. 2011.