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René Magritte, ‘La robe du soir’, c. 1955.

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Pair of angelfish skeletons mounted on a cypress knee.

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Mark Ryden, Meat Dancer, c. 2011.

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Labyrinth' (1986), directed by Jim Henson.

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Dead Can Dance, “The Carnival Is Over” from the duo’s sixth studio album ‘Into The Labyrinth’. © 1993 4AD

Johanna Öst, Strongwoman, c. 2009.

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Destiny' (German: ‘ Der müde Tod’) (1921), directed by Fritz Lang.

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Nepenthes ventrata (Caryophyllales, Nepenthaceae) is a natural hybrid involving N. alata and N. ventricosa. Like its two parent species, it is endemic to the Philippines.

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Graffiti art on medieval walls of the Kelburn Castle, near Fairlie, North Ayrshire, Scotland.

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Vintage doll parts for sale.

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